Bruce Richardson

Chief Enterprise Strategist, Salesforce

Bruce Richardson joined Salesforce in October 2011 as the company’s first Chief Enterprise Strategist. He is currently part of the Market Strategy team inside the product development organization where he focuses on new opportunities outside of the traditional CRM markets, including ERP, supply chain management, and product lifecycle management. Before joining this team, Bruce was responsible for the Retail and Consumer Goods verticals as part of the nascent Salesforce Industries group. Prior to that he managed the CIO Advisors program and the Ignite team. The latter helps customers dream up and create new products, services, and business processes.

Before joining Salesforce, Bruce was the Chief Strategy Officer at Infor, a $3B software company best known for its acquisitions in the enterprise applications market.

Bruce’s link to Salesforce began during his tenure as Chief Research Officer at AMR Research. During his 20-year career there, he initiated and led the firm’s coverage of ERP, supply chain management, CRM, e-commerce, cloud computing, visual applications, and the “future of work.” Over that period, the company grew from a three-person startup to become the leader in research and analysis of enterprise applications and supply chain management. AMR Research was acquired by Gartner in December 2009.

He graduated with Honors from Boston College.